Holdstock and MacLeod

Holdstock and MacLeod

Dick Holdstock and Allan MacLeod sing and play traditional songs from their English and Scottish roots. Widely known for their renditions of sea songs they are equally at home on land and sea.

Still enthusiastically performing together since meeting at the 1976 Santa Rosa Folk Festival, Holdstock and MacLeod continue to perform authentic renditions of the songs of their homelands. Whether performing shanties and other traditional music of the sea or nineteenth century ballads, Allan and Dick are still captivating audiences from coast to coast. Audiences always join in by singing and laughing along to their outrageous songs and stories.

Dick and Allan trade off on mandolin and guitar accompaniments to some of their songs and frequently use a cappella arrangements. They have mastered the art of traditional harmonies which often are described as descants. Their strong melodic tones resonate with all who have the pleasure of hearing them.

Needless to say, an evening of music with Holdstock and MacLeod is always a memorable event and an extraordinary glimpse into a not so distant past. New insights into history and old customs are revealed through their songs of the people.

Allan and Dick have produced several great recordings: "Holdstock and MacLeod", "Deepwater Shanties", "Silver in the Stubble", "Deepwater Ballads", "Deepwater Shanties", "Winter In the Wood", "Deepwater Songs", "Deepwater Return", and "Seasoned Songs", their new CD of traditional English and Scottish songs. [ ORDER ]